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Effects Of Not Using Septic Tank Additives

Septic tank additives aid the decay bacteria in degrading solid waste. Basically, the digestion process in the tank is quickened by the inclusion of these additives. When choosing one, it is recommended to go for environmentally friendly and biodegradable brands. Normally, you can always prepare one at home or buy at your local store.

In America a good number of families use septic tanks for waste water disposal. Statistics place the numbers at over twenty million. This mode of handling human waste is not only effective; it is cheap in the long run. Handling such systems is hazardous and as such, it is advisable to wear safety clothing such as gloves and goggles every time you make contact. Also, consultation with professionals when upgrading or repairing is wise.

A typical household product used as an additive in most septic systems is vinegar. Together with the decay bacteria, it is able to decompose the solid matter in the system. Experts in this field generally advice on its use in laundry due to its ability to degrade natural. Hard substances such as caustic soda and detergent kill bacteria and are not advisable for use if your system is septic.

Apart from vinegar, you could also use yeast as an additive. This compound generally helps bacteria grow. Using it is your system will go a long way in increasing the number of decay bacteria and consequently more degradation of solid waste. Typically, yeast is used to raise dough, baking bread and also fermentation. Pouring a bowl of water mixed with yeast every once in awhile down the drain is advisable.

Just like vinegar baking soda can be used for laundry. Since hard washing compounds such as caustic soda kill decay bacteria, using this compound for your washing is very advisable. Baking soda not only preserves bacteria in the system, it has a way of raising the potential hydrogen since it is basic.

There are actions that can cause strain in your system and thus slow down decomposition. For example, washing down napkins, paper towel or any non degradable material like plastic bags is never advisable. Using tissue paper that is not meant for your systems is also equally harmful. Always make a point of checking to ensure that most waste going down the drain do not put strain in your septic system.

Another thing that can affect the decay bacterium is antibacterial soap; using it to wash basically will kill bacteria in what you are washing and also down the system. Usually, using regular soap for bathing is advisable. Also, chlorinated bleaches are not advisable to use since they will strain your system.

The mixture of hot water, sugar and vinegar is one of the best in home made septic tank additives. This mixture has a way of helping bacteria grow in the tank and also increases their activity. Experts advise using it on your system every six months or so.


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